We also carry a full line of climbing gear. Climbing ropes, bull ropes, saddles, spikes, carabiners, pole saws and safety gear. We will post more pictures and pricing of our supplys as we work on our web site.

Protective chainsaw chaps, bibs and pants. Hard hats, hearing protection and face sheilds

Pole saws and pruners, STIHL and Silky, aluminum, fiberglass, extendable, fixed and folding, pole saws up to 21' long!

Saddles, lanyards, rope bags, flip lines and whoopie slings, all kinds of stuff for the arborist!

Carabiners, descenders, rope pullueys, throw balls and line, saw lanyards, climber straps, gloves, hand saw blades, pole saw blades, we even have blaze orange suspenders!

6', 8' and 10' - 3 strand prusik lanyards, wire core flip lines, rigging lines up to 7/8" x 20', endless slings and whoopie slings up to 7/8" x 10'

Aluminum handle peaveys, cant hooks, hookaroons, timber jacks, log carriers, log lifters. All tools to help save your back!

Check out our new Climb Right aluminum tree climbers. Incredibly strong and very light, just 2.5 lbs each including the pads and staps. The best part is the price, 299$ a pair.

Loppers, hand pruners, hatchets, axes, splitting mauls, machetes & hand saws

My wife Gundi can help you out with all this stuff! She is very knowledgeable about the products and supplies that we carry.

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